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Not Able To Focus On Your Work? Astrology Solutions Can Help.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Not Able To Focus On Your Work, Astrology and Vastu Can Help.... (Vastu Consultant & Teacher)

Some people are not able to concentrate on their work. They become lazy or not able to focus on their work, targets etc., They try their best but still they are not able to understand. They are not able to focus on their work, daily routine, may be studies, on their health issues or even if they are watching movies for the entertainment purpose, they lost somewhere else and not able to enjoy the movie too. Is this going with you?

From the last couple of months, one of my client was suffering for not being able to focus on anything. Distraction becomes his best friend. He got into a tendency to jumping from one work to another, idea to idea, and constant urge to rush.

This tendency was getting into his behaviour and he started to suffer a lot. Consciously he made an effort to observe herself and wanted to get solutions to this problem. He consulted me and then life changed!

Astrology solutions gave him the root cause and made her life path easier and easy.

Most of the people give reason to their modern busy hectic life, too much pressure on them. According to me most of the people now a days are suffering because of the technology. They are occupied with gadgets and end up doing few things in a day.

Now how does Astrology works in such cases?

On the base of the individual birth chart, it is very clear about a person’s general personality or nature or behaviour. Vedic Astrology can read the mind, behaviour etc. of a person based on his/her horoscope.

I am mentioning few points, will help you to understand what Astrology,

If the problem is relating to moon, Jupiter or mercury then even if the person tries to focus, mind will not support. Something like, he/she will start a work but in between processing of that work, he/she will start concentrating on some other work. He/She will forget that what they just read, what they were focusing on, they will become tensed, confuse etc.

If someone is not able to do concentrate in studies or on their curriculum then in that case Rahu and Saturn are responsible.

Well, the birth chart sometimes are made with such planetary positions that despite of working so hard individuals are unable to meet their desire results. There are some common Astrology remedies for such issues however, every birth chart also has different remedies based on their natal /stars.

Some Common Solutions/Remedies for Everyone.

  1. You can do mediation; do Gayatri Yagya on Sunday or Thursday. One has to sit focusing east side giving 21 aahuti’s.

  2. You can worship Lord Ganesha and wear 3 copper coins on Wednesday.

  3. You can wear iron ring in middle finger

  4. You can keep blue color crystal on your study table or keep Prism on study table.

  5. Make sure to sleep early and keep one away from all kinds of technology

  6. Donate silver by yourself to get peace in mind

  7. Offer milk for 11 Mondays.

  8. Wear Rudraaksh beads or drink from a Rudraaksh vessel.

Astrology says, if the Sun is weak, it causes the work span/study time to be very short as the student is unable to focus for a long time. If the Moon is not placed with the right partner, then the mind will keep wondering and the student or any person will not be able to complete any task.

These are common, however every individual horoscope says different remedies as per plant placements, rashi placement and then aspects of planets on houses. Only an expert astrologer can give you the best remedies. Don’t do LAL KITAB remedies like if someone is saying you that you flow this/that in running water… A BIG NO. If someone is saying Okay dig the ground and put these items under earth, NO, again a BIG NO.

In case of you or any of your family member going through this problem, you are welcome to get in touch with us. Astrology and Vastu is a science that deals with Panch-Tatva and planets who plays significant role in our lives. Solutions are easy and not expensive at all.

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