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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

vastudevaa expert vastu consultant in chandigarh panchkula mohali

Home where we live and get relaxed, where we forget all problems, where we get strength to fight with life's obstacles and so on. Home where the true relations are eagerly waiting for us, home where your parents are there to support you, home where your loving wife is waiting for you, home where the kids are waiting to tell you the whole day's stories etc.

Home our heaven our whole universe must be balanced with vastu principles so that we can form our life as per our requirements. Every one's growth, relationships, finances, health, and mental and physical well-being are impacted. The zones must be evenly distributed and Vastu Dosha-free.

VastuDevaa constantly truly fulfils its obligations to clients' needs. We constantly endeavor to meet client needs and provide solutions, but we also offer recommendations for unanticipated issues.

As we already mentioned about 16 different zones and it is essential that you must make rooms activities as per each zone's powers/attributes. Like we should not make toilet or kitchen in North-East (Ishan Kon), we should make study room in WSW direction, we should make kitchen in South East or SSE direction, We should make our elders room in SW direction.

Rectangular or Square plots for homes are one of the perfect ones.

  1. We should know where we should keep sewerage, toilets at our home.

  2. We must concentrate the right location for master bedroom, kids room, room for young adult ones and room for our servants etc.

  3. Puja room is very important, you must understand the color combination, cloth colors for decorating your home temple, light color in temple and the importance of curtain or door of temple.

  4. You must understand where you should put greenery at your home. Few directions can make the things very bad for you and family members.

  5. If you need your servants for long time stay, you should understand the location of his/her room.

  6. Store room directions are also very important. for example if you made your store in NE, you or the other members of the family will feel lack of vision, clarity, will not be able to find the solutions of the problems easily and so on.

  7. Other then this wall colors, color of kitchen slabs, colors of bathroom tiles or of the whole home are also very important to know.

But is this enough, NO? There are a lot of things which are very important to understand and then to balance it. For this either you learn Vastu or you should consult an experienced Vastu Consultant. VASTUDEVAA,

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