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अन्धकार से प्रकाश का सफर !

A Journey from dark to light.


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Welcome to VastuDevaa | Chandigarh Based Vastu Consultant, Astrology-Numerology Consultant and Teacher 

For Institute Vastu | One of the most trusted Vastu Consultant

VASTUDEVAA Vastu Consultant, Vastu Teacher, Vastu Courses, Vastu Astrology Institute Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali
VASTUDEVAA Vastu Consultant, Vastu Teacher, Vastu Courses, Vastu Astrology Institute Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali
VASTUDEVAA Vastu Consultant, Vastu Teacher, Vastu Courses, Vastu Astrology Institute Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

Vastu assists in providing a conducive environment for kids to thrive and achieve academic achievement. Schools, colleges, and institutions can all be effectively created using Vastu principles. It aids in improving student concentration. It aids institutions (like IIT and IIM) in developing a reputation and goodwill in their fields of expertise. A successful institute has a positive Vastu atmosphere. It gains not just local but also national and worldwide notoriety.

Important considerations when applying Vastu for educational institutions:

Environment of the Institute, including nearby roads, hills, and water bodies, etc.

  • The plot's layout

  • Building Main Gate elevation

  • Space for playing

  • Institute's main entrance

  • Where the teachers' room is located

  • Where the trustee room is

  • Place of the classroom

  • Where the main cabin is located

  • Seating arrangements for students

  • As well as orientations, the prayer area and the staff room

  • Placement and configuration of the meeting room

  • The exhibition space and the direction of the promotional activities

  • Office colour schemes for both the interior and exterior

  • The direction of the electrical mains, the air conditioner, and the coolers

  • The location of the bathrooms, canteen, and pantry

  • The placement of windows

  • Location of both the Higher and Lower Zones

  • Dry zone and Wet zone locations

  • Installation of numerous devices including computers, fax machines, servers, etc.

Consultation with an educational institution
In Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kerala, Rajasthan, and Delhi, Team VASTUDEVAA has offered Vastu services to a number of educational institutions.

The advantages of Vastu consultation for institutions include:

  • Obtain a thorough Vastu assessment of the prospective or current site.

  • Obtain a thorough explanation of the site's layout based on Vastu principles.

  • Get suggestions for correction utilising natural elements, artwork, natural materials, etc.

  • Charts and pictures help you understand the recommendations.

VastuDevaa | Your Best Vastu Consultant & Institute


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