CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note, there is always a refund or cancellation policy. So, please understand this at the time of making a booking. We are quite strict in case if you book any service and you are given a date that we will perform this (Your premises visit or Vedic Havan etc) for you or will visit your premises etc, Cancellation Policy is that if you are informing us that you are not interested to continue due to any reason, we will refund 50% of the amount if we receive your request of cancellation 15 days before the visit date. If we are receiving your cancellation request in less than 15 days time period of our visit to your premises or performing any Havan etc, nothing is refundable. VastuDevaa still has the full rights to change the dates of visit due to any unavoidable reason and the same will be informed to the client either via phone call, Whatsapp message, or via an email. REFUND FORM