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How to create opportunities for making Money ?

As you all know that there are 16 different zones and each zone is having its own attribute. Each Zone signifies one of the life department. According to Vastu Expert Mr. Rohit Guptaa, there are few zones which are very important for getting opportunities in your life. 

Let's understand some: 

NNW : A zone of attraction in case if we are talking about opportunities. If we are talking about attraction of your products, services or goods, client's attraction is important. So this zone plays an important role.

North : A power from where you will get the client, means an opportunity to make money. As water always finds its space means you should always work hard but now to do work hard, you must have PASSION to do work. And now here SE plays a vital role too. North must be balanced for making money. There should not be disposal activity, fire element or earth element in this zone. 

East : Client will come from where? Obviously, he/she is going to come from Society. For this your social association power should be strong. So keep your EAST clutter free and balanced. 

Finally we can talk about WEST direction, once you work hard, client comes to you after getting attracted from your given services or goods, paid cash for the whole and you make money. But is this money getting saved? Are you getting profit and gains because of all this, so you must make WEST balanced. 

Other then above, colors and interior objects plays an important role. Colors represents TATVA (5 elements Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Space) and interior objects represents its own story. Like a soldier (in photo or structure) displays Mars Planet as well as it is somehow a symbol of aggression and fire element. So, we must keep this structure in the proper zone to get the best results. 

For more details, either learn Vastu or contact us for professional consultation.


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