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  • Is Vastu Important ?
    Yes, in my opinion, it is essential. It is one of our Sanatan Occult topics and is wholly grounded in science. Science can sometimes make something very simple for you to understand, and the rest is up to your personal beliefs. Vastu, astrology, and ayurveda are the three main pillars of life. You should sign up for our free Vastu course or attend seminars where we discuss the value of Vastu, etc., to better comprehend this.
  • Is Vastu Balancing Effective ?
    Yes, Vastu balancing is really beneficial for living a beautiful life and very effective. What exactly is Vastu? Vastu literally translates to "the location where you live," and when you live in a certain environment, Vastu determines how you think, act, and behave. Vastu balancing also entails training your subconscious thinking in addition to balancing the Panch Tatva in your home.
  • There are how many entrance effects?
    There are 32 entrances in total, and each one has its own set of effects. Only an expert vastu consultant can analyse your existing entrance; please avoid performing the remedy without the necessary Vastu knowledge. Out of 32 entrances, only 8 entrances provide excellent results, and another 2 provide very good results. The remaining 20 entrances provide very negative effects. You are invited to speak with Mr. Rohit Guptaa (founder of VastuDevaa), who never asserts his expertise and consistently states that he is only a practitioner who is learning this field.
  • How will I know if my issue is due to poor vastu (vaastu)?
    Constant fatigue, ongoing illness, unwanted negative thoughts, persistent pessimism, and a tense feeling in the mind. There is poor money and cash flow. Arrives and departs simultaneously. Economic losses. Property conflict. Constant disagreements with individuals you know (partner, spouse etc.). Legal and litigation issues. Issues with behaviour or schooling in kids. Boring, without inspiration or focus. A general sense of misfortune. All or more of these symptoms point to the need for a consultation.
  • Is it necessary for me to pay for Vastu Shastra (Vaastu Shastra) advice? (The most significant thought.) And why did I decide to seek out your advice exclusively?
    Straightforward response: Advice from the Vastu Shastra is based on concepts from ancient science. We overspend (in terms of time, money, and emotions) when building or buying our homes. Incorrect vastu issues are quite likely to prevent a home, business, or other property from experiencing happiness, prosperity, and perhaps even money! I contend that the cost of using simple tactics to change all of this into health, wealth, success, and happiness is tiny compared to what you would lose by ignoring the advise and, more crucially, failing to act upon it. In comparison to the price of purchasing the property, the vastu consultation or remedial costs are likewise very, very little. A win-win situation exists.
  • Is Vastu Shastra a scientific practice or a myth?
    Vastu Shastra is rooted in ancient Indian wisdom and is considered a scientific practice that harmonizes architectural design with natural energies. It draws on principles related to directions, elements, energies, and their impact on human well-being. While Vastu may not follow conventional scientific methodologies, its observations and effects on living spaces have been acknowledged by many over centuries. At Vastudevaa, we blend traditional Vastu wisdom with modern insights and astrological understanding to provide holistic solutions that cater to both the practical and spiritual dimensions of life.
  • Are there any side effects and disadvantages of Vastu Balancing?
    We must keep in mind that if we live in harmony with nature and act accordingly, our lives will be prosperous and healthy. No, there are no negative impacts of vastu balancing while a skilled and knowledgeable vastu expert is addressing your issues. Mr. Rohit Guptaa, astro-vastu consultant and practitioner, is highly renowned for his expertise in Astrology, Numerology, and Vastu. Nowadays, nobody pays attention to Vastu principles when building their homes, offices, etc., which is one of the main causes of their failures.
  • What is Vastu Shastra and How can it help me?
    Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architectural science that harmonizes living spaces with natural energies. At Vastudevaa, we utilize Vastu principles to align your home or workplace with positive vibrations. We consider directional influences, the five elements, interior and exterior arrangements, entrances, colors, and more. This creates an environment where cosmic energies and earthly elements synergize, promoting well-being and prosperity. Our Vastu expertise, fused with astrological insights, ensures spaces that resonate positively with your life's journey.
  • How much does Vastudevaa's Vastu balancing service cost?
    The fees for our Vastu balancing services at Vastudevaa can vary based on several factors. These include the specific challenges faced by the client, the size and nature of the premises, and the extent of work required. Our fees typically range from Rs. 1 to X amount, as the investment is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual or space. We believe in delivering effective solutions that address your specific circumstances while ensuring the optimal balance of energies.
  • We have already constructed our home; is it still possible to rectify Vastu imbalances in our home/office/factory?
    Absolutely, it is possible to address Vastu imbalances even in pre-existing structures. Vastu corrections involve adjustments to energy flow, layout, and arrangement, which can be made without extensive structural changes. Through strategic placement of objects, colors, and symbolic elements, as well as astrologically guided remedies, we can effectively counteract Vastu doshas and enhance positive energies. At Vastudevaa, our experienced consultants specialize in retrofitting Vastu solutions tailored to your space, ensuring that you can still benefit from a harmonious and balanced environment.
  • Can a Vastu Shastra consultant in Chandigarh, Mumbai or of any city suggest if the house has good Vastu before moving in?"
    Yes, engaging a Vastu consultant before purchasing a home will give you a good sense of the Vastu of the location.
  • What is the fee charged by Vastu Shastra consultants near me?
    A Vastu consultant charges approximately Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 25,00000 to suggest remedies for an existing property. It depends on case to case and services to services.
  • How soon can I expect results from the Vastu Shastra changes I make?
    The timeline for experiencing the effects of Vastu Shastra changes can vary based on multiple factors. While some individuals notice positive shifts shortly after implementing adjustments, others may take longer to witness tangible results. The pace of change can depend on factors such as the nature of the changes made, the alignment of energies, and your personal receptivity. At Vastudevaa, we prioritize creating a harmonious environment that gradually influences your surroundings and life experiences for the better, allowing positive transformations to unfold over time.
  • Is VastuDevaa registered with the Indian Government?
    Yes, we are registered with the Indian Government.
  • How can Vastu principles enhance the overall health and well-being of residents?
    Vastu principles extend beyond aesthetics; they can positively influence health and well-being. By optimizing energy flow and incorporating elements like proper lighting and ventilation, Vastudevaa's recommendations contribute to a healthier living environment.
  • Can Vastu remedies improve financial prospects and prosperity?
    Yes, Vastu adjustments can impact financial energy positively. By aligning wealth corners, entrances, and using colors that resonate with prosperity, our Vastu solutions are designed to amplify financial well-being.
  • Can Vastu Shastra be applied to a rented living or workspace?
    Absolutely. Whether you own or rent a space, Vastu principles can be tailored to suit your circumstances. Our experts offer practical Vastu solutions for rented spaces, helping you create a harmonious environment within the limitations.
  • How does Vastudevaa combine Vastu and astrology to provide holistic solutions?
    Vastudevaa uniquely integrates Vastu and astrology to offer comprehensive solutions. By understanding astrological influences on individuals, we fine-tune Vastu recommendations, creating a balanced synergy that enhances both energy and destiny.
  • How can Vastu improvements affect family relationships?
    Vastu adjustments can create a harmonious environment that positively influences family dynamics. By balancing energies and creating zones for bonding, our recommendations contribute to healthier relationships and a more peaceful atmosphere.
  • Are there specific Vastu remedies for improving career prospects?
    Yes, our Vastu solutions include career-focused adjustments. By optimizing the North and North-East zones, incorporating elements associated with career growth, and using suitable colors, we aim to enhance professional opportunities.
  • How can Vastudevaa's Institute courses empower individuals in their personal and professional lives?
    Vastudevaa Institute's courses offer valuable insights into Vastu, astrology, and numerology. Through practical learning, participants gain skills that can be applied not only for personal growth but also for establishing successful consulting practices.
  • Can Vastu principles contribute to a more peaceful and serene living environment?
    Absolutely. Vastu principles are designed to create spaces that resonate with positive energies, contributing to a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Our recommendations focus on balance and harmony, promoting a tranquil living experience.
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