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Now you can enjoy learning Vastu Residential Professional Course at Sonipat in 2 days only. It's a complete course. After this you can balance any plot, residence or offices as per Vastu Principles.

Fees: Rs. 12000 Time: 10 am to 7 pm.

Inclusive of: Course Notes, Shakti Chakra, Oil Filled Compass, Stationery and Tea/Snacks, Lunch too.

Benefits of Learning Residential Vastu:

  • You can help yourself or others to bring the work opportunities to make money in life.

  • You can make your or others' life healthy in terms of physical, mental, or spiritual.

  • You can focus on your future points and can solve problems easily.

  • You can enjoy your life every term.

  • You can strengthen your social bonds and commitments.

  • You can think well and make your points clear before taking any important decision.

  • You can stay away from lethargic nature and you can control the cash transactions better way. You can take profits from any investment made.

  • If someone's money is blocked, you can help him/her.

  • You can make your life relaxed, sleep well, and you can help yourself in getting fame in society and relations.

  • You can control your expenses and can throw the unwanted stuff from your life easily.

  • You can study well, or help your children to study well and score excellently in exams. You can help yourself in sharpening your skills.

  • You can enjoy the profits and gains from any part of your life while balancing your energies.

  • You can control your depression levels and detoxify yourself easily.

  • You can attract people to like your products, services, etc as well as the same in relations too.

What you will study in Vastu Classes?

  • Why Vastu and what is the effect of building on mind and body.

  • What is VastuDevaa?

  • How to analyze any building plan.

  • Importance of directions and working on an accurate floor plan.

  • What are various Entrance Effects in Vastu?

  • What are 16 Vastu Zones and their attributes?

  • End-to-end training on marking the center and Vastu Zones.

  • What are the effects of Toilet, Bedroom, Drawing Room, Kitchen, Puja room in Vastu Zones?

  • What are 5 Elements and linking with Vastu directions?

  • How to use Vastu Techniques to treat wrong entrances, toilets, kitchen.

  • How to manage the wrong location of rooms.

  • What are Vastu remedies and how to apply them?

  • What is the right place to keep household and interior decoration objects?

  • Maramsathan

  • Practical exercises on improving relationships, children's education, job promotion and growth, savings, and money flow.

  • A complete Meditation session.

For more details, please contact us:


PH: +91 77195 62738, 82840 22533

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