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The course will cover the following topics: 

  • How to make Numeroscope? 

  • Characteristics of Planets/Numbers.

  • Yogas in Numeroscope.

  • Compatibility and Combination of Planets in Numersocope.

  • What Numbers are Lucky or Unlucky for you?

  • Learn to check your Mobile Numbers, House numbers, or Vehicle Numbers (Lucky for you or not) from your Numeroscope. 

  • Important Combinations of Numbers.

Master Parts of the Course: 

  • Learn about your Triguna (One of the very important parts of Sankya Darshan) in Minutes (Very Imp) from your Numeroscope. 

  • Learn to see your correct Prakriti/Element in Minutes (Very Imp). 

  • Learn to see Vastu Dosh from your Numeroscope (Very Imp).

  • Learn Remedies to treat the Vastu Dosh and Missing Numbers. (Very Imp).

  • Few very important secrets to judge people from Numeroscope (Amazing one).  (for example Extra-Marital Affairs) 

  • And Learn to Align the Power of Your Name with Numeroscope. 

  • Doubt Session (if any problems) 

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