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Earth and Space
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Welcome to VastuDevaa | Chandigarh Based Vastu Consultant, Astrology-Numerology Consultant and Teacher 

VastuDevaa, an Indian Government Registered, Astro-Vastu-Numerology Services. An Institute that wants every home, shop, and business to be filled with pleasure and success. We have Vastu solutions for every problem someone can face. We are teaching Vastu as well as Astro for the last couple of years. Nowadays, We are also teaching Vastu and Astro online. 

Mr. Rohit Guptaa (R.G.), founder VastuDevaa has gained knowledge of Vastu, Astrology, Hypnosis, Palmistry, and Numerology through many years of hard work. He is giving the best Astro-Vastu solutions. The solutions are without demolishing the premises. 

R.G. wishes every home should progress peacefully & successfully, In every home love always be there. 


We provide Vastu, Astrology, and Numerology consultancy and services including Residential House/Flat/Plot Vastu, Commercial/Shop/Office Vastu, Office Vastu, and Industrial/Factory Vastu in Chandigarh and other parts of India. Apart from the Chandigarh tri-city / India, we also have many clients from the United States, Canada, European Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. With more than 16 years of experience in the field, we thoroughly analyze the property according to Vastu principles, its imbalance, Vastu-Doshas, and its positive/negative impact on your life. We balance the energies or we give the remedies without any demolition. Nowadays, it is observed that most of the construction that happened in the past does not comply with Vastu principles, hence, inhabitants are facing adverse results. 


If you have a plot and you plan to start the construction, it is highly recommended that you adhere to Vastu principles in order to receive the full benefits of Vastu in terms of better health, prosperity, happiness, harmony among the family members. We also offer free telephonic consultancy to our clients.

Seeing a lot of people are not able to pay the heavy tuition fees of the Vastu Institutes and they are not able to take the benefit of this wonderful science, we start organizing FREE VASTU COURSES (RESIDENTIAL VASTU COURSE) for 9 days, totally free. We don't charge anything. It's a complete course and everyone can get the full benefits of the same. You can learn this course as a hobby or for balancing your own home or you can choose it as a profession as well. 

Other than this, we are teaching Numerology (foundation and advanced level) as well as Astrology (foundation and advanced level) courses. Our fees are almost nothing comparatively other institutes but the quality is 100% assured. This is due to only one reason i.e. Rohit Guptaa's dream of spreading the Sanatan Values at each and every home so that everyone can get the best of his life. 

Our Vastu Consultation Process

1. Proposal

Vastu Consultant, Vastu Courses, Vastu Free Courses, Expert Vastu Consultant Chandigarh, Numerology courses, Astrology Courses

Our Vastu process starts with a proposal about the site.  In the beginning, a phone conversation or details via email is required, about the site to be consulted, which will help us to understand your exact requirement and enable us to quote the fees accordingly.

2. Floor Plan and Details

Now on the second stage, we need a  floor layout with accurate size and displaying activities, direction, details on the surrounding of the site, History of premises along brief on your goals & priorities.

3. Site Survey, Google Mapping

On the third stage, on-site evaluation & compass reading of your premises will be conducted at a mutually agreed time & day. These evaluations usually takes 1-2 hours. 

4. Vastu Reading & Evaluation

Vastu Consultant, Vastu Courses, Vastu Free Courses, Expert Vastu Consultant Chandigarh, Numerology courses, Astrology Coures

We have developed various methods & tools to evaluate any premises according to the Vastu principles.  We use dowsing charts, bar charts, graphs & grading tables.

5. Report by Expert Vastu Consultant

A professional Vastu report prepared by our highly qualified Vastu consultant which is further checked by Mr. Rohit Guptaa, after the report will be available after 3 days for an online or personal consultation.

6. Vastu Follow Up

We provide a follow-up option that monitors the effectiveness of the Vastu implementation. Free backup services for one year after consultation for the same premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vastu Balancing Effective ?

Yes, Vastu balancing is very effective and helpful for leading a perfect life. What is Vastu actually? Vastu means "the place where you live" and living in that environment, due to Vastu your thinking, actions everything is decided. And Vastu balancing means that we are balancing the Panch Tatva not at our home only but we are programming our subconscious mind as well. -Vastu Consultant, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mumbai (Maharashtra), Chattisgarh, Haryana, Punjab

Are there any side effects and disadvantages of Vastu Balancing?

We have to understand one thing here that if we are living in nature and behaving as per nature requires, our life is healthy and wealthy. No there are no side effects of Vastu Balancing till the time an experienced and well qualified Vastu Shastra Expert is working on your problems. Mr. Rohit Guptaa is well known for Astro, Numero Vastu solution giver.

Now a days, no one is taking care of Vastu Principles while building up their home/office etc and that becomes one of the major the reasons of their failures.

We already build up our home, is it still possible that we can remove Vastu Dosh from our home/office/factory?

Yes, it is 100% possible that we can go for vastu balancing without any demolition. The remedies are inexpensive and very effective and the results you can feel in few days itself. You are welcome to contact at our chandigarh vastu office for more details.

Is Vastu Shastra / Vastu a science or Myth?

See, Vastu Consultant Mr Rohit Guptaa always say that "Till the time you don't know the Vastu, you will not believe it, so it is very important to learn it" And that is the reason that Mr. Rohit Guptaa is teaching Vastu for Free of Cost. Vastu is not a myth, its based on Nature elements only i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. Everything, even our body is made up of these 5 elements. A very simple quote science says "While sleeping your head should either be in south or east" and Vastu is saying from thousands of years the same thing. Now you can judge yourself is Vastu a myth or Science.

My child is not studying well. Can we handle children education with Vastu?

Yes, 100% we can handle it while following Vastu Principles. Your kid not only will concentrate on his/her education but also will take an excellent position in the class. Make his bed room in West and put this study table in West of South West. And in couple of days you can see the results.
But to mark these 16 locations as per your home is important and for this you should consult with Vastu Consultant. You are weclome to consult us.

Is Vastu have the power to bring back the happiness and love in my married life?

Yes, it is 100% possible. For this we either have to visit your home or we need a detailed autocad made floor map of your home. And we have to sit and discuss the problems in detail and accordingly we can help you. But this is sure that it is very effective and it will save your marriage life.

Can a Vastu Shastra consultant in Chandigarh, Mumbai or of any city suggest if the house has good Vastu before moving in?

Yes, before buying a house, consulting a Vastu consultant gives a fair idea of the Vastu of the place.

What is the fee charged by Vastu Shastra consultants near me?

A Vastu consultant charges approximately Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 25,00000 to suggest remedies for an existing property. It depends on case to case and services to services.

Is Vastu Important ?

According to me, Yes, it is very important. It is one of our Sanatan Occult subject and it is 100% scientific. Sometimes it is very easy to let you understand as per science and rest it depends on your belief on it. The whole life is based on Vastu, Astrology and Ayurveda. To understand this, you should enroll in our free Vastu Course or attend Seminars where we explain the importance of Vastu etc.

How soon can I expect results of Vastu Shastra changes I make?

It depends on many factors. Generally as a Vastu Consultant we metion 1 hour to 45 days. Please treat it like Ayurveda remedy, it takes some time, but it cures the problem from the end. But yes, you can start feeling positivity from the very next day you implement Vastu Remedies as per Vastu Shastra principles.

Is VastuDevaa registered with the Indian Government?

Yes, we are registered with the Indian Government.

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