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अन्धकार से प्रकाश का सफर !

A Journey from dark to light.

Welcome to VastuDevaa | Chandigarh Based Vastu Consultant, Astrology-Numerology Consultant and Teacher 

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VastuDevaa, a government-registered Indian business, specializes in Astro-Vastu-Numerology services. Our primary objective is to enhance prosperity and happiness in homes, shops, and businesses. Whether you face personal or professional challenges, VastuDevaa offers effective Astro-Vastu solutions. With years of expertise in astrology and vastu, we're committed to guiding you on your journey toward success and harmony. Explore our online astrology and Vastu classes to learn these ancient sciences conveniently and transform your life with VastuDevaa.

VASTUDEVAA Vastu Consultant, Vastu Teacher, Vastu Courses, Vastu Astrology Institute Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

The founder of VastuDevaa, an Expert Vastu Consultant & Astrologer, Mr. Rohit Guptaa  has spent a significant amount of time in his life studying vastu, astrology, palmistry, numerology, and hypnosis. He provides the best Astro-Vastu solutions. The alternatives don't involve tearing down the building means "No-Demolition".

VastuDevaa operates offices in both India and Canada

Ms. Apara Mehta, TV & Bollywood Movie Actress 

R.G. wishes every home should progress peacefully & successfully, In every home love always be there. 

If you are seeking guidance to create a harmonious and positive living environment, look no further than Vastudevaa - the ultimate Vastu Shastra consultant and specialist. Offering top-notch Vastu services and expert advice, Vastudevaa is your go-to Vastu consultant for home and workplace solutions. Their in-depth knowledge and experience make them the best Vastu consultant near you. If you are wondering, "Is there a Vastu Shastra consultant near me?" or "Where can I find a Vastu expert near me?" Vastudevaa is just a click away. Moreover, they also provide insights into numerology, allowing you to embrace the power of numbers alongside Vastu principles for amplified positive energy flow. Embrace the transformative journey with Vastudevaa to unlock the true potential of your living space and bring about positive changes in your life.

The Most Trusted Vastu Consultant

Building Planning at VastuDevaa

Vastu, Astrology, and Numerology Consulting Services in Chandigarh and Beyond

In Chandigarh and other regions of India, VastuDevaa offers comprehensive consulting services in Vastu Shastra, Astrology, and Numerology. Our expertise includes Vastu for residential homes, flats, plots, businesses, offices, and factories. We also provide architect services, as well as interior and exterior design solutions. Beyond the Chandigarh tri-city and India, we serve a large number of clients and students from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and more.

Our services include a thorough assessment of properties in accordance with Vastu principles, identifying imbalances, Vastu-Doshas, and their positive or negative impact on your life. With over 19 years of experience, we specialize in non-destructive Vastu remedies that balance energy without requiring structural changes. Many constructions in the past did not follow Vastu principles, leading to negative effects on residents, which we aim to correct.

Why Follow Vastu Principles?

If you have a plot and plan to begin construction, it is strongly advised to follow Vastu principles to reap the benefits of improved health, wealth, happiness, and harmony within the family. We also offer free telephone consultations to our clients for added convenience.

Sanatan Institute

Learn Vastu, Numerology and Astrology of all Levels including Devta, Intuition and Meditation

Vastu Remedies

Buy Vastu Remedies at very Competitive Price comparatively Market


Want to know how you can make your Future Healthy & Wealthy !  


Want to learn Vastu 

Learn Vastu for Free

Free Vastu Foundation Course by VastuDevaa

VastuDevaa, under the visionary leadership of Mr. Rohit Guptaa, is extending a remarkable opportunity to enrich lives through the art of Vastu Shastra. We are thrilled to announce our free Vastu Foundation Course, held every alternate month in various cities across India. This comprehensive course, valued at Rs. 25,000, is offered completely free of charge, with no hidden fees, thanks to the altruistic spirit of Mr. Rohit Guptaa.

This course empowers participants with profound knowledge and tools to adeptly nurture and harmonize any residential space. It welcomes aspiring learners to master the principles of Vastu Shastra and become skilled Vastu consultants, thereby spreading positivity and balance throughout society.

Contact VastuDevaa Today

For professional Vastu, Astrology, and Numerology consulting services, and to join our free Vastu Foundation Course, contact VastuDevaa. Experience the transformative power of Vastu Shastra with guidance from experts.

Industrial Property : Vastu Visit

VASTUDEVAA INSTITUTE OF OCCULT SCIENCE : In addition to this, we also offer foundational and advanced-level courses in astrology and numerology. Compared to other institutes, our fees are almost nothing, but the quality is always guaranteed. This is because Rohit Guptaa had the dream that Sanatan Values would be propagated throughout every home, allowing everyone to live their best lives.

The Vedas contain a proverb that goes, "Vastudev always saying tathaastoo ( तथास्तू ) whatever we said, thus we have to be very careful in expressing something," which was quoted by our great Indian saints. The Sanskrit word tathaastoo means "happens as per your request." According to legend, in order to make their specific wishes come true, ancient Sages, Rishis, and Rakshasas engaged in deep meditation to a particular god. When god appears, he bestows a blessing by pronouncing "tathaastoo".

Welcome to VASTUDEVAA - Your Ultimate Destination for Vastu Shastra, Architecture, and Astrology Solutions in Chandigarh. We offer Vastu consultancy, architecture design, astrology predictions, personalized solutions, and training programs. Contact us today to learn more!

There are 16 Vastu Zones, and each zone has a unique living feature that enables us to identify where there is an imbalance in life.

Its foundation consists of the five elements: water, air, fire, earth, and space. In general, you'll find that people only know a maximum of 8 directions, although there are actually 16 of them, and they have the following attributes.

North : Money and Opportunities
NNE : Health and Immunity
NE : Mind and Clarity 
ENE : Entertainment in Life
East : Social Association
ESE : Analysis and Anxiety 
SE : Cash Liquidity and Passion
SSE : Power Confidence 

South: Relaxation and Fame
SSW : Expenditure and Disposal
SW : Relationship and Skills
WSW : Education and Savings
West : Profit and Gains
WNW : Depression and Detoxification
NW : Support and Banking
NNW : Sex and Attraction


Our Vastu Consultation Process

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1. Proposal

Our Vastu process starts with a proposal about the site.  In the beginning, a phone conversation or details via email is required, about the site to be consulted, which will help us to understand your exact requirement and enable us to quote the fees accordingly.

2. Floor Plan and Details

Now on the second stage, we need a  floor layout with accurate size and displaying activities, direction, details on the surrounding of the site, History of premises along brief on your goals & priorities.

3. Site Survey, Google Mapping

On the third stage, on-site evaluation & compass reading of your premises will be conducted at a mutually agreed time & day. These evaluations usually takes 1-2 hours. 

Vastu Consultant, Vastu Courses, Vastu Free Courses, Expert Vastu Consultant Chandigarh, Numerology courses, Astrology Coures

4. Vastu Reading & Evaluation

We have developed various methods & tools to evaluate any premises according to the Vastu principles.  We use dowsing charts, bar charts, graphs & grading tables.

5. Report by Expert Vastu Consultant

A professional Vastu report prepared by our highly qualified Vastu consultant which is further checked by Mr. Rohit Guptaa, after the report will be available after 3 days for an online or personal consultation.

6. Vastu Follow Up

We provide a follow-up option that monitors the effectiveness of the Vastu implementation. Free backup services for one year after consultation for the same premises.

Key areas to take into account [for residence] when creating a Vastu plan:

  • Location of the Main Entrance: An auspicious front entrance, according to Vastu, enhances luck, success, and prosperity for homeowners.

  • Prayer Area Position: Placing the prayer area in the right location brings peace, harmony, and tranquility into the house.

  • External Environment: The surroundings outside the home can significantly influence the homeowner's fate and overall well-being.

  • House Shape: Irregular house shapes can lead to significant Vastu flaws. Ensure a regular shape for better energy flow.

  • Room Locations: Proper placement of the family room, master bedroom, children's bedroom, and guest room is crucial for a balanced Vastu plan.

  • Kitchen Location: Vastu dictates the ideal kitchen placement and organization. The correct location promotes prosperity, good health, and wealth.

  • Electronic Devices: Strategic placement of electronic devices like computers, TVs, and heaters is essential for maintaining positive energy.

  • Toilet Direction: Incorrect restroom placement can negatively impact health. Ensure toilets are located in Vastu-compliant directions.

  • Interior Colors: Choose a combination of dynamic, vibrant, cool, calming, and harmonizing colors for your interior design to create a balanced environment.

  • High and Low Zones: Consider the direction of higher and lower zones within the house for optimal Vastu energy flow.

  • Room Layouts: The internal layout of every room should be planned according to Vastu principles to ensure harmony and positive energy.

  • Staircase Location: If the house is independent, the staircase location is vital for Vastu compliance and energy balance.

  • Garden & Plantation: Plants are as essential as other furnishings. Proper placement and selection of plants can enhance the home's energy.

  • Furniture Design: The design and materials of furniture should align with Vastu principles for better energy and aesthetics.

  • Paintings and Home Décor: Artwork and paintings can significantly impact mental and emotional well-being. Choose pieces that uplift and enhance the house's aesthetic value.

  • Architectural Flaws: Address missing corners, corner cuts, and extended corners in the house plan with Vastu solutions to mitigate negative effects.

Major Vastu flaws in non-Vastu homes include:

  • Arrival at the negative entrance/zone

  • Extended corner besides the north east

  • Omitted/Missing corner (Corner cut)

  • Restrooms in North-east, south-east, or south-west

  • Southwest or north-eastern kitchen

  • Load from the middle (Brahmasthan)

  • Waterbodies Below Ground in the Southeast or Southwest

  • North-east, south-east, or south-west septic tank

  • East, north, or north-east elevated flooring

  • Negative outside elements including hills, trees, power lines, elevators, and staircases.

There are a few telltale signs that your home has poor Vastu (Bad Vastu symptoms):

  • Frequent Arguments and Debates: Constant disagreements indicate bad Vastu in the house

  • Health Deterioration: Rapid or unexpected health issues and recurring illnesses are symptoms of poor Vastu.

  • Sleep Disorders: Sleeplessness and disturbances during sleep suggest Vastu imbalances.

  • House Repairs: Frequent breakdowns and repairs in the home signal negative Vastu energy.

  • Financial Problems: Persistent financial issues and money troubles are signs of bad Vastu.

  • Romantic Life Issues: Disarray in romantic relationships often points to Vastu defects.

  • Negative Energy: A general sense of unease or heaviness indicates stagnant energy due to poor Vastu.

  • Mental Peace: Increased stress, anxiety, or depression among family members are symptoms of bad Vastu.

  • Career Stagnation: Professional setbacks and lack of growth opportunities suggest Vastu imbalances.

  • Children’s Issues: Academic problems and behavioral issues in children can be due to poor Vastu.

  • Unstable Relationships: Frequent conflicts with family members or friends indicate Vastu defects.

  • Plants Not Thriving: Difficulty in growing or maintaining healthy indoor plants signals bad Vastu.

  • Pets Acting Unusually: Pets showing signs of distress or abnormal behavior can be due to poor Vastu.

  • Pest Invasion: Increased presence of pests like insects or rodents is a sign of bad Vastu.

  • Water Problems: Frequent plumbing issues or water stagnation indicate Vastu imbalances.

  • Clutter and Disorganization: Difficulty in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness suggests poor Vastu.

  • Uncomfortable Guests: Visitors expressing discomfort or not wanting to stay long is a sign of bad Vastu.

  • Lack of Sunlight and Ventilation: Dark and stuffy rooms during the day indicate negative Vastu.

  • Unpleasant Odors: Persistent bad smells without a traceable source suggest Vastu defects.

  • Disconnection with Nature: The home feeling disconnected from natural surroundings indicates poor Vastu.
    Optimize your home's Vastu to bring harmony, health, and prosperity.

Purchasing a House or an Office? Making Improvements to an Existing House?

Vastu Shastra has revolutionized homes and commercial spaces worldwide by harnessing the power of energy fields. When your space is aligned according to Vastu principles, it creates a stress-free and harmonious environment. For a comprehensive Vastu analysis of your property, contact Team VastuDevaa today and experience the benefits of a balanced and positive space.

VastuDevaa | Your Best Vastu Consultant & Institute


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