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सफलता और समृद्धि हासिल करने के राज जानें। Join Free Webinar

With India’s One of the Top

Vastu & Numerologist Consultant and Teacher

Mr. Rohit Guptaa

हजारों छात्रों ने रोहित गुप्ता से वास्तु और न्यूमेरोलॉजी सीखी

Free Gifts worth Rs. 21000 for 2 Lucky People

Live 120-minute Free Webinar On May 2, 2021– Registrations Closing Soon..

Very limited Seats : Max only 100 seats for this webinar

What You Will Learn On This Free Training Webinar:

Secret No. 1 VASTU

What are the basics principles of Vastu? How Vastu affects our thoughts, brain, success, and life? How to attract prosperity in our life?

Secret No. 2 NUMEROLOY

What are the Basics of Numerology & how you can use it to attract Success, Health, Wealth, & Relationship in Your Life?"

Secret No. 3 VastuNumero

How These 2 Branches of Ancient Indian Logical Science Can Transform Your Life When Applied the Right Way?

About Your Trainer, Rohit Guptaa


As one of the knowledgeable personalities on the subject of Vastu and Numerology, Mr Rohit Guptaa is India's one of the Top Vastu & Numerologist trainers. 

  • Spending numerous years in the Logical Science of Vastu Shastra, Sanatan, Sankhya Darshan, and Numerology, he is able to give his best to society.  

  • Served numerous clients in India as well as overseas.

  • He is the one who starts free Vastu Residential Courses for everyone so that everyone can learn this wonderful science. Anyone can join this. 

  • Has trained thousands of people including students, entrepreneurs, professionals, housewives, people in job, etc

 May 02, 2021– 9:06 pm to 10:00 pm. 

Listen to What Others Have to Say About Him

Let the Directions and Numbers (Planets), Elements (Panch Tatva)

work in your favor with Vastu and Numerology

Free Live Vastu Consultation for One Lucky Person

Free Live Numerology Consultation for One Lucky Person 

Worth Rs. 21000 Each !

 May 2, 2021– 9:06 pm to 10:00 pm. 
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