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Copper Strip

Copper Strip

Metal Strip Technique proves to be very useful when it comes to rectification of bad effects of toilets and entrances without making any demolitions. We have five types of metal strips- SS Strip, Brass Strip, Aluminum Strip, Copper Strip and MS Strip. 
These are used to nullify the bad/harmful effects of unbalanced entrance and toilets.

Length: 3 mtr

Breadth: 0.3"(inch)to 0.5" (Inch)


    We are very careful in packing the same for you. If you find the broken product, we will immediately change you the same and no additional courier charges will be asked. In any other case, it is non-refundable. 


    Before making the payment, you will see the shipping options. In India generally the charges are Rs. 350 upto 3 kgs from our standard shipping. 

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