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This Vastu-Deva symbol of undefeatable pair of Elephant and Rhinoceros is a very powerful cure against the Violent 7 star which may result in physical harm, robbery, accidents, enemies, office politics, business competitors and backstabbing. Add a sparkle to your decor by adding this fantastic blue Vastu-Deva remedy of the mighty Indomitable Powerful Animals Pair Elephant and Rhinoceros For Protection Against Violent 7 Star by Vastu-Deva, crafted from fine quality resin. These huge animal pair is also used for other positive attributes such as good luck, peace, endurance, longevity, harmony, financial success, good luck and fame.


    Direction of Placement: North-East

    Ideal Placement: The Elephant and Rhinoceros pair should be placed facing out to the main door of your office, factory or home. This helps in preventing those with harmful negative intentions, competitors and enemies at bay.

    Placement Procedure: On the Floor


    We are very careful in packing the same for you. If you find the broken product, we will immediately change you the same and no additional courier charges will be asked. In any other case, it is non-refundable. 


    Before making the payment, you will see the shipping options. In India generally the charges are Rs. 350 upto 3 kgs from our standard shipping. 

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