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Please ignore the date mentioned in the video i.e. 1st March. 

Congratulations for Getting Registered !

A numerous number of people already got registered for the Vastu Foundation Course and for other courses. This video message is from    Mr. Rohit Guptaa, Founder, VastuDevaa, for them.

Congratulations to all of them who are going to start a new journey of their life, who are going to help themselves as well as to others too.

Vastu Foundation Course 

VastuDevaa Kit

Vastu Kit is for Rs. 1600 including Courier Fees. (Shakti Chakra & Oil Filled Compass) 

In 24 Hours, Your packet will be released from our Office. You will receive the track ndetails in your email or WhatsApp. 

Pay for Vastu Foundation Course

Numero-Vastu Course

Click the Below Link to Pay for Numero Vastu Course Fees

Listen to what Mr. Vinaayak says about VastuDevaa from Maharashtra.

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