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Welcome to World's Best Vastu Training Program

Do you know ? It's a complete Vastu course !

In this VastuDeva course you will be able to learn: 

  • What is Vastu

  • Environment and Vastu

  • Importance of Five Elements

  • Role of Major and Sub Directions

  • Balance of 5 Elements & 8/16 Directions

  • Connection of 9 Planets & Directions

  • Characteristics of Directions

  • Gender associated with each Direction

  • Connection of Body Parts & Directions

  • Energy flow Science

  • Sequence Order of Directions

  • Role of Compass in Vastu *Very Important

  • Lord of each Direction

  • Pure and Impure Directions

  • Role of Vastupurush

  • Relationship Zone in Vastu

  • Career Zone in Vastu

  • Health Zone in Vastu

  • Myths in Vastu

  • What is the effect of building on the mind and body?

  • How to analyze any building plan?

  • What are 32 entrance effects in VastuDeva?

  • Importance of 16 zones and their attributes

  • Training on marking the center 

  • Effects of Toilets, Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Kitchen, Puja room in different Zones

  • How to use 16 VastuDevaaTechniques to treat wrong entrances, toilets, kitchen

  • How to manage the wrong location of rooms.

  • What are 32 VastuDevaa remedies and how to apply them?

  • What is the right place to keep household and interior decoration objects?

  • Practical exercises on improving relationships, children's education, job promotion and growth, savings and money flow.

  • Understand how to apply VastuDevaa methodology and solutions to support healing according to Prakriti (Air, Fire, Water composition) of an individual.

  • Map Vastu Doshas in a building according to the Prakriti of an individual.

  • Relate Vastu Doshas in the body of Vastu Purusha with a disease of the occupant of the building.

  • Accurately pinpoint positions of Marma Points causing undiagnosable diseases and effective VastuDeva solutions to cure Marma Doshas.

  • Suggest best methodologies for achieving self-excellence on the path of self-actualization through appropriate meditational methods, mantras and supporting VastuDevaa solutions for creating a very very good and conducive environment for your clients.

45 Devtas of Vastu Purusha Mandala

  • Most effective, simple yet powerful advanced VastuDevaa Remedies to balance strength, polarity, and functioning of Vastu Devtas.

  • Understand, mark and fix the functioning of 33 Vedic Devtas and 12 Asuras in every type of building.

  • Find the root cause of persisting, repetitive or suddenly emerged problems on a very subtle level due to imbalanced energy fields in a building.

  • Apply advanced VastuDeva remedies for family and business relationships, health, departmental, litigation and political issues.

  • Advanced remedies for connecting with the right people to ensure grand success and growth for your clients.

  • Advanced remedies for selling property, to increase sales and orders at the workplace.


Other then this you will learn intro part about Astrology techniques which you can use for Vastu, So you are going to learn Astro Vastu (Intro part) too. 

You will also learn the Meditation process to invoke your "THIRD EYE". 

Yoga Class for all Ages


Much more and spontaneous as it always comes from R.K. through live question and answers sessions, a lot of practical sessions with relevant case studies for better clarity and best understanding to become an excellent VastuDeva expert professionally.                                              

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After Course Support

  • Access to a closed group on FB for knowledge sharing, learning, and help.

  • Opportunity to join the VastuDeva internship program to work in VastuDeva to enhance working on real-time projects.

  • Lifelong free access to attend the course by just paying a nominal venue fee.

Want To Enroll, Please contact the Team !

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